Friday, July 1, 2011

Herbs and worms

I have been wanting a herb and vege garden forever!  I'm still trying to convince Dad that a vege garden for the whole family would be perfect in his yard.  Less lawn for him to mow, we could all contibute and in my daughters words "Nana and Ga's are like the centre of the family so it should be at their place".  I totally agree Tahlia, you are so wise child ;)

While we wait ever so patiently for Dad to see what a brilliant idea this is (he he he) I have started a little herb garden.  I found the table at an op shop for $50 and thought it would be great for the herb pots.  When I dragged my husband back in the next day it was 50% off WAHOO!  I was suprised to find terracotta pots at Bunnings were so much cheaper than I thought and picked these ones up for between $2 and $6.

They have been growing for over a month now and I am so suprised that under my care they are still growing and look healthy....go my black thumb!
I now have a worm cafe in my sights.  My herbs will L O V E a little worm tea and of course be great for the vege patch too Dad ;) ....a few extra hours that I did at work this week might just pay for that.  Fingers crossed for no extra bills between now and pay day!

{ shannon }

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