Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas gifts

Each year I put together a bag of goodies for each family that we see on Christmas Day.  A bag of yummy homemade items, just because I want to, because I LOVE giving and because I love and appreciate my family so much.  So over the next week I thought I would share some of the goodies I include.  They are not expensive, just little treats I can make with my own hands to share and show love.

Today I have done a quick step by step for the calendars I include in each bag.  This year I am using a quote on the calendar because, number 1. it's different (I usually use a recent family photo of their children or all of the nieces/nephews etc) and number 2. because I just haven't had the time or opportunity to take a family photo so this was the next best thing :)

I use whiteboard calendar ($2 from the cheapie shop).  This size has a whiteboard at the top which is a little smaller than A4 landscape.  There is also a smaller size for $1.50...more like an A5 size I guess.

This is what you will need:

paper trimmer
patterned paper (a 12x12 sheet of double sided paper is enough for one calendar)
double sided tape
coordinating ribbon, ink and embellishments
a photo or quote (I found a quote I liked, typed it in word and printed it onto some plain card)
and the calendar!

I start by cutting one piece of paper to cover the majority of the whiteboard (just leaving a thin border).  My whiteboard was approx 10 1/4inch x 7 1/4 inch so I cut my paper 10 inch x 7inch.  I have cut the quote down to 5 1/2inch x 3 1/2inch and from the remaining patterned paper (this is why I use double sided paper...too easy to coordinate) I cut a mat for the quote 7inch x 5inch.  I also used a corner rounder on each corner of each piece. 

Ink the edges of all of the paper and layer on the whiteboard using double sided tape.  Punch a hole in through the paper in the top of the whiteboard (you will be able to see the existing hole from the back so I just poke a pen through the paper to make the hole.  Thread some ribbon through the hole to hang the calendar from and also on the spiral section to add some more colour.

Add some embellishments to the quote.  I have used some chipboard embellishments and one of Marg's beautiful doilies.

And that is it....your calendar is ready to hang :)  Just like a scrapbooking layout or card the colours, subjects and embellishments are endless so no one calendar needs to look the same. 
And you are done, nice and easy!

1.  I make sure that when I am buying the calendar the printed design does not go below the top of the spiral holes.  This way the patterned paper should cover the entire print on the whiteboard.
2.  Instead of patterned paper you could use paint to cover the whiteboard and add your own artwork to it.
3.  The little white board marker & eraser that come with these calendars is no longer needed so if your children have a whiteboard marker on their book list for next year you can tick it off baby! 
4.  There is plenty of patterned paper left over to punch some embellishments to use on your calendar too :)

Much love

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