Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hi and Welcome to A She State Of Mind

I have created this blog to share my thoughts, my recipes, my day to day week to week goings on and to keep you up to date with my Etsy store A She State Of Mind where I will be selling some of my creations.
A She State Of Mind (the name of this blog and my etsy store) was inspired by a gift I received from my husband and daughters, a book by Kobi Yamada called She.  This book is full of beautiful, inspiring and relevant words.  There is a sweet little bit of text on the inside jacket of this book that reads:

Who is she?  There are many ways to describe a woman.  Mother, daughter, sister or wife.  Student, teacher, leader or friend.  But the thoughts in these pages are not about titles or roles, they are about spirit and heart.  They are not about fame or acclaim, they are about caring and accomplishment. 
Look around.  There are certain women in our world who have the gift of finding joy everywhere and leaving it behind them when they go.  You’ll usually find them immersed in their work, or slow dancing with their dreams, or making a difference for all those around them.   These are the women who can flood our souls with light and laughter...strength and courage...hopes and dreams.  It’s not just what they do that sets them apart, it’s how they make us feel.

She is someone gently but powerful.  Someone whose music washes away the dust of everyday life.  Someone who makes us laugh when we thought we would cry.  Someone who can pick up the pieces and give them back in all the right order.  Someone who pays attention to the little things and adds such beauty to the world.  Someone who cares.
We feel so lucky and so blessed to have these special women in our lives.  Its hard to express how we feel about them, but here’s something we can do: We can love them, affirm them, thank them and celebrate them.

I hope that over the coming weeks, months and years I can share with you my light and strength and hopes and dreams.


{ shannon }


  1. Congrats Shannon --- looking forward to following {she}

  2. Thats just beautiful! Well done on your new little journey you will do well x