Sunday, June 19, 2011

a {giving} state of mind

that is what I am calling this new chapter my family and I are stepping into, a {giving} state of mind.  I have long wanted to do some sort of volunteer work, to help out, to share some love, to add a little more happiness to the world...all in my own small way. 

I also wanted my girls to know that although we may not have what some of their friends have like the overseas holidays or a pool in our backyard, that we have SO much more than some others and for that we have to be extremely grateful.  Extremely grateful, but also have the grace to give, the grace to share and the grace to love and if we do that anonymously, just send all of that love into the universe without the need for thank yous, then that's perfect in my book.

Don't get me wrong, I am very proud that my husband and I have worked hard and made sacrifices in order to provide what we have and do for our girls, and they are great kids! But they are kids and so I need them to be aware of all that they have, not only be seeing all that they don't have.  And like all kids I see their eyes glaze over when I start telling them "how lucky they are" and "you don't know what NOTHING is", so my wanting to volunteer as a family is not to tell them all of this but to show them.   And to show them that we are only doing a small thing for a few people but if we all just did a small thing imagine, just imagine!

More information on the care packages I mentioned in the last post will be available very very soon ...


{ shannon }

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  1. You are and awesome mum Shan and an awesome chickie.........wish there were more people out there that thought the way you do this world would be so much more a happy place to live. Love you loads xxx