Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thrifty finds

Recently I have got into the habit of visiting a thrift shop each week.  There are a couple in my local area that I drive past on a daily basis which makes it ever so convenient to just drop in on a whim ;) 
I enjoy the hunt for treasures and of course the bargin but I also have to make sure I tick all of the boxes before I actually purchase an item.  I made myself a list of things I was specifically looking for and also wrote beside each how much I would be willing to pay.  Over the last few months I have been lucky enough to cross a few things off  that list. 
Today I squeezed in a stop at my favourite little shop (it turned out to be a tight squeeze that left me running 10minutes late for the school pickup...oops) and was lucky enough to find these items:

The typewriter is clean and in fantastic condition and also came with its orignal case.  It was a hit with my girls who have spent most of the afternoon clicking away and totally amazed by it.  I can't wait to use it for journalling on my scrapbooking layouts. $35

This beautiful serving bowl caught my eye because of the pattern, colours and shape and the big bonus was the little stamp on the bottom of it that identifies it as a Churchill England piece...bonus!  I love it so much.  $6

My husband was suprised I paid $35 for the typewriter.  A typewriter has been on my wishlist since the very beginning when I started this indulgent little pleasure. I not only wanted a typewriter that was attractive enough to have on display on my bookcase but a big must was that it had to be functional.     I originally looked in the trading post and at online sites like ebay to get an idea of how much I should expect to pay for one and found that I would be looking around the $50 mark, so for me $35 for a typewriter in fantastic condition and working order was a find that made my heart happy!  I likened it to him finding a NFL superbowl game ball that I would see as an old beaten up ball but that he would certainly part with many $$$ to have.  He got it after that ;)

So after today my thrifty wishlist has reduced again "wahoo" but oh I hope I never get to the end of that list!

Hope you are all enjoying your week
{ shannon }

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  1. I learnt to type on a typewriter just like that - what an awesome find! I'd love to find one, but wonder if it's still possible to buy ribbon for them?

    Look forward to seeing what you find next!

    Rachel xx